Do a road trip in a campervan – Going on road trips with my love and our dog is one of my favourite things for us to do together, no matter where we’re headed. Iceland, Maui, New Zealand, Ireland and Scotland are all breathtakingly beautiful destinations that can be easily explored by campervan allowing you to do your own thing at your own pace. Get out of the city and away from the crowds to find your own slice of paradise wherever you decide to spend the night.

Go on a fishing expedition – Deep-sea, fly-fishing or even fishing with just a string and bait can be a relaxing yet exhilarating experience for couples who want to spend the day on the water. You can practise catch & release or do a cook-your-own catch tour and either fry up your catch yourself, or have a chef prepare it for you for a romantic dinner on the beach.

For serious fishermen & women, there are some spectacular off-the-beaten-path fishing lodges in many amazing destinations that cater to die-hard anglers and offer a romantic escape.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride – Imagine gracefully floating through the open air with a glass of champagne in-hand, overlooking the astonishing landscapes below with the one you love…take the awe factor up a notch and do it at sunrise for even more amazing views. Float above the beautiful rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany or Napa Valley, view thousands of temples and pagodas above Bagan, see the incredible rock formations of Cappadocia, or spot an abundance of wildlife migrating through the Serengeti.

Sleep under the stars in the desert – Have a trusty camel chauffeur you through the desert to camp, where you will be greeted with tea and smiles. Enjoy a traditional meal by the fire, cooked under ground by friendly locals eager to see that look of satisfaction on your faces. Then pile on the blankets and cuddle up under the vast skies to see the stars like you’ve never seen them before.

Go Heli-hiking – Enjoy spectacular views from above with a private helicopter tour. Fly through mountain valleys, past waterfalls and lush forests. Take a tour that stops on a mountain top for a few hours of hiking or fishing and enjoy the serenity of living the mountain goat life. Finish off your hike with a mountain-top champagne picnic. You can even spend the night, or stay for a few if you wish.

Cruise the South Pacific – The South Pacific islands are known for adventure and romance with it’s azure blue waters full of diverse sea-life, rugged mountainous islands and volcanoes. It’s the perfect paradise for couples who love to hike, snorkel and beach-bum around. Cruise from island to island for picture-perfect views, hike dormant volcanoes, swim with giant manta rays or spend a few nights on each island in an overwater bungalow with a hot tub on the deck and steps into the ocean?

Stay in an tree-house in South Africa – Africa is a bucket-list destination for most couples, and for good reason. You can cage-dive with great white sharks, try paragliding and hike some amazing peaks offering breathtaking views; perfect for sunset picnics. Go on an exciting wildlife safari to spot the Big 5 (lions, buffalos, leopards, elephants and rhino’s), then stay overnight in a tree-house amongst the wildlife of Kruger National Park.

Are you craving an epic adventure just for you and your love? Want to plan a surprise trip for a milestone celebration, or arrange a unique experience you’ll never forget? As your Adventure Travel Specialist with on-location partners all over the world, I can create memorable moments for you to share, from something as simple as a romantic dinner on the beach to a marvellous proposal under the sea…and everything in between!